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 Turbocharger length of life

1 Installation is not correct In accordance with requirements, the supercharger should be installed to the floating bearing to fill the air compressor oil, air compressor oil to avoid the air compressor oil can not be timely supply of floating bearings, resulting in dry grinding and damage to the floating bearing.


2 start improper pressurized air compressor must be idle to start a few minutes after operation to ensure that the air compressor oil to reach the floating bearing before the supercharger before high-speed operation.


3 Shutdown is not correct Idle speed operation should be stopped a few minutes before the turbocharger rotor gradually slow down, cooling. When the air compressor suddenly stops, air compressor oil supply stops, and the rotor under high inertia but also high-speed rotation, then it will cause the floating bearing due to high temperature and lack of air compressor oil and wear, or even ablation.


4 air compressor oil selection is not correct with air compressor supercharger thermal load and mechanical load greatly increased, requiring good viscosity-temperature characteristics of lubricating oil, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, we must choose good quality Air compressor oil.


5 For the above problems, install and use the turbocharger should be in strict accordance with the instructions required to operate correctly; regular inspection, cleaning the air filter to ensure that the inlet flow; regularly remove compressor sludge on the impeller, while checking the compressor impeller fixed The use of regular manufacturers out of line with the use of standard air compressor oil, air compressor operation in accordance with the rules of operation start and stop, to avoid long-term idling air compressor operation. In short, as long as strictly in accordance with the instructions and operating procedures to use the booster, you can avoid the emergence of some failures, so that the maximum degree of supercharger to play a role, and extend its life.


turbocharger length of life








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