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good turboWhat is turbo? Turbocharging is a technology that utilizes exhaust gases generated by the operation of an internal combustion engine to drive air compressors. If the structure from the point of view, the difference between the turbocharger and self-priming is more of an "air compressor", compressed air to increase the intake volume, so that turbocharged than the natural suction power stronger, With greater "vital capacity", vital capacity of the movement of the people of course more powerful.

Although the same displacement under the premise of turbocharged engine power performance than self-priming on too much, but the self-priming engine wins in a smooth and quiet, the car will be relatively smooth acceleration, acceleration is relatively average; open naturally aspirated Car, you can easily find a stable, fine car to force the throttle position;

But then again, if the same displacement of the parameters for comparison, for the same displacement under the more powerful turbocharger is indeed a bit unfair. So many times, we will be the same output power required to do the same fuel consumption comparison. Then the point of view of this thinking, then the turbocharger may be more than the same level of power naturally aspirated engine more fuel efficient, but the fuel economy is mainly achieved under specific conditions.

If you just buy a car, to facilitate their own travel, or as a novice just want to buy a used car Lianlian Shou, then I think naturally aspirated to be more suitable for you, because the self-priming engine maintenance in the more affordable, do not worry The turbocharger has a lot of life after its expiry, and it feels more comfortable and relaxed when you drive; but if you're an old driver, you need a lot of performance power, and you like more thrills , Then the small-displacement turbocharged turbocharged but more suitable for you.

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