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How turbocharged models work ?Regularly novices must be vigilant:

Turbocharged hot car


Turbocharged flameout


Similarly, the car before the flame is also need to wait a little more patiently, because long-running car or high-speed cars, turbocharger temperature is very high, after stopping, the turbine will continue to run due to inertia of a Time, need enough time to cool, if you immediately turn off the engine after parking, then the cooling system and the supply of lubricating oil will stop, it will hurt the vehicle bearings. Therefore, the proposed flame before the engine running 2-3 minutes, so that the turbocharger has enough time to cool. But the turbocharger is not a long time idle operation, or turbocharger will be due to low oil pressure caused by poor lubrication, the general idle time should not exceed 10 minutes.


Turbocharged oil


Turbocharger does compare "squeamish", in addition to oil than ordinary natural aspiration engine larger, the oil requirements are higher. Because the design of the turbocharger and naturally aspirated engine is different from most of the production car turbines are used floating bearings, that is entirely by the oil to lubricate, so the choice of quality oil is particularly important, and poor engine oil viscosity Higher, poor mobility, can not play a better role. Owners in this regard not to lose weight, it is recommended to replace the vehicle synthetic oil, this oil has good oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature performance, lubrication and heat dissipation better.


Check turbocharging


Check the seal ring of the turbocharger regularly because this is also a significant part because if the seal ring fails the exhaust gas will enter the engine lubricating system through the seal ring to make the oil dirty, causing the crankcase pressure to rise, Excessive consumption of oil, resulting in "burning oil" situation. In addition, the turbocharger rotor bearing high precision, maintenance and installation requirements of the working environment is also very strict, so when the turbocharger failure or damage to the designated repair station should be repaired, but not to the street Shop repair. Experienced master introduction, turbocharger disassembly and replacement is very particular about. In the removal of the turbocharger, to block the inlet, exhaust port and oil imports, to prevent dirt or foreign matter into; and in the disassembly of the turbocharger, do not fall, hit, do not grasp the deformation of the parts, Such as actuators or links. So the owner is best not to disassemble their own parts, otherwise it will be lost.


In a word

After a detailed description of the new owners or owners of turbocharged models in the usual should know how to pay attention to their car, and in general, the turbocharger life of up to 20 years, and we also All know that the car's service life is inseparable with our usual maintenance and turbocharged is the same, so Xiao Bian remind owners in the usual driving process must be know how to maintain.


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