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Camus turbocharger, why become more and more popular

Audi recently out of a TTsportport turbo concept car, the car will be the prototype of a new generation of TT RS design, body surrounded by a variety of aggressive aerodynamics package looks really crazy drag cool.

However, it is not the biggest highlight of the model but focused on a small electronic turbine. With the introduction of a variety of standards and policies, there is no doubt, than the large displacement of the self-suction vehicles to more direct.



From all aspects of the mechanical and electrical turbine is already a new darling of the automotive industry. So now more and more cars can see the rear of the Turbo or T, which means that the car is a turbocharged engine, such as the Audi A6 1.8T, Passat 1.8T, Polaris 1.8T, etc., but the turbine The car is still a small minority of the whole car, therefore, many converted enthusiasts would like to upgrade the way through the modified power, run faster.


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