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In recent years, the turbocharged engine boom continues to rise, and even many have been the flagship naturally aspirated brands have also transition turbocharged engine. Especially for some young people just to buy a car, the turbocharged power boost is undoubtedly can not give up the temptation. The ubiquitous "T" logo seems to convey a message to people that the turbo era is unstoppable. Of course, the turbocharged engine has many advantages, but in the course of daily use, but also enhance our car costs. Here we talk about the pros and cons of turbocharged engine and maintenance.

SAIC-Saab 9-5 based GM2900 platform design, but according to the characteristics of Chinese consumers lengthened from the original wheelbase 2703mm lengthened to 2755mm, the vehicle size reached 4861mm * 1820mm * 1462mm.  Why choose a turbocharged engine?Turbocharger is actually an air compressor, through the compressed air to increase the intake of the engine. It brings the most direct benefits, is undoubtedly the power of the upgrade. Under the premise of the same displacement, turbocharged engine than naturally aspirated engine nearly 4 percent higher than the power. The test drive of this station Shenbao, for example, equipped with 2.3T engine it, the maximum power to 184kw, has been close to 3.0L naturally aspirated models.


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