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The history of American modified cars is about as long as the history of the American automobile industry. The original modified cars were designed to better participate in the competition, so many people who like to drive their cars have their own cars, exhaust pipes, etc. Equipment, in order to achieve higher speeds in the competition, and thus get good results, this method of changing the original car is the origin of modern modified cars. With the increase in the scope of modification. Used car modification is also becoming more and more popular. After a simple modification process, a used car that someone else used has become a personality car. A personalized modification has formed a unique American modified car culture, and the American modified car has also formed an industrialization and has become an important part of the American automobile-related industrial chain.

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According to relevant statistics, there are more than 10,000 modified car parts manufacturers and conversion service agencies in the United States. The number of employees in the US modified car market is 2 million. The annual turnover of car modification alone is more than 40 billion US dollars. In the United States, there is even a custom-made factory for modified cars that can be customized according to customer requirements. At present, the conversion rate of private cars in the United States has reached 80%. As long as the car manufacturer has a new car off the assembly line, it will produce a series of modification methods and corresponding accessories. The spare parts required for the modified car have broad prospects. The modified car parts industry is a very important branch of the automobile industry. The modified car is divided into two areas: performance modification and decoration modification. For the US “decorative modification” market alone, the latest data shows that there will be tens of billions of markets. Securities analyst Crick pointed out that as far as the development of the US auto market is concerned, the market demand for modified auto parts will even exceed that of the US auto market.

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