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16 Chevrolet Comoros US version of the turbocharger offer

16-cylinder Chevrolet Comoros US version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine, 8-speed automatic transmission sport suspension electric power steering system optional driving mode protection halogen lighting LED daytime running lights 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels Dual exterior keyless entry keyless entry.


Appearance: 16 Chevrolet Comei US regulatory version of the tenth generation of the family model, the basic continuation of the old models in the design of the classic muscle lines, but it looks more modern, combined with the front face of the grille, more With a fighting atmosphere. Headlamps are also more flat shape and into the LED light band. The front face of the new car changes greatly, the double air intake grille becomes larger, with Chevrolet Logo front bumper to black matte coating, the headlights and brake vents on both sides of the sharp shape, in addition, 16 Chevrolet Comorie US version also changed the new version of the engine hood, the tail to increase the shape of the new rear spoiler, the vehicle exterior becomes more modern and radical, looks full of fighting.

version of the turbocharger

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