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The new COROLLA Corolla D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine innovation technology advantages.


September 28, FAW Toyota 's new VIOS Vios, the new COROLLA Corolla officially listed. The new COROLLA Corolla in the original 1.6L and 1.8L two naturally aspirated engine models, based on the new 1.2L direct injection turbocharged engine models.


At this point, all Corolla products has reached 14 models. Corolla D-4T to join the Corolla products enriched the camp, but also improve the overall cost Corolla.


Corolla D-4T has such an excellent dynamic performance, is that it sets the dual-cycle mode, water-cooled intercooler, channeling circulation devices, integrated exhaust manifold, preheating system in advance, oil cooling, low inertia turbocharger Fuel injection, high-strength construction, piston oil jet, and other ten leading technologies in one. With better power, fuel economy more advantages.

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