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1, oil

Recommended turbocharged engine should choose high temperature, good oxidation of high quality oil, and also pay attention to appropriate shorten the oil replacement cycle. For example, 5W-30/40 of the best synthetic oil.


2, keep the turbine clean

The air contains a lot of impurities, these dust particles once into the high-speed operation of the supercharger impeller, will make the dust particles impingement impeller impeller, resulting in turbulence instability, sleeve and seal wear, so the use of turbo models Pay special attention to the timely replacement of oil filters and air filters to keep the turbine clean.


3, cold start to slow, hot car flame to idle.

Cold start early, the oil temperature is usually relatively low, but also relatively thick, poor lubrication, and wait until the temperature rises to normal operating temperature, you need to have a process and time, if you force the turbine within a few minutes at full load Of the state of work, it will increase the turbine wear and tear, shorten the life of the turbine.


In addition, the turbine work up the temperature is very high, so after parking your best to idle for a while and then the original car, this time the engine oil and cooling systems are still in the work, which can make the temperature of the turbine down a little bit , It should be noted that in the car after the turbine due to inertia will continue to run, this time still need oil lubrication, and if you suddenly turn off the engine, then the entire engine system is no longer working, the turbine cooling system and lubricants The supply will come to an abrupt end, only by natural cooling, and this will lead to sharp decline in turbine life.


Turbocharged engine in peacetime use need to pay special attention to two points, one should use a good oil, 5W-30/40 level or better, and this also led to the cost of the turbine engine in the conservation than ordinary naturally aspirated The engine is much higher; the other point is that in daily use to pay attention to the first hot car and then take the car, stop when it is best not to immediately turn off the engine. Especially after the high-speed finish not immediately turn off, it is recommended to let the car idle three minutes, so that the cooling fluid to the turbo full heat.

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