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From the first turbocharged engine patent release, dating back nearly 110 years of history. At the recent 36th Vienna Automobile Seminar, thousands of automotive and parts suppliers gathered to form a few trends of the thesis, of which the argument on the miniaturization of the engine has been amended, replaced by the engine turbocharged with the row The reasonable integration of the quantity becomes the important trend. What is supporting the turbocharged engine for centuries to flourish, or even return to "youth"? Turbocharged engine in the end has experienced what kind of past lives? Today, we sort out one by one.The turbocharged engine is energy-efficientRecently, a very interesting debate is whether the turbocharged engine energy, turbocharger introduced to the engine industry's initial purpose is to enhance efficiency and achieve energy saving, 1905 Swiss engineer Alfred Büchi apply for aircraft, tank engine turbocharger patent , The purpose is to recover the exhaust kinetic energy, he himself is considered the originator of the application of turbocharger.

Turbocharged engine is how to achieve energy saving? Can be simply understood as three aspects: First, the normal engine through the cylinder negative pressure, the outside air sucked in, there is pumping loss, the installation of turbocharger, through the exhaust gas to the intake air Supercharged, this part of the exhaust kinetic energy to use, itself is to save energy, which is the most primitive turbocharger "impulse." Second, after the pressurized intake air into the cylinder faster, greater volume, for the mixed gas disturbance, mixing has a significant optimization, enhance the combustion efficiency. Third, with the development of automobile technology, such as the gasoline engine direct injection technology, the joint application, to give the turbocharger provides a variety of fuel ratio may be optimized combustion, so the 36th Vienna Automobile Seminar, turbo Pressure technology can be "to return to youth", the theoretical basis in here.


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