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2016 Paris Motor Show is underway, before we love geeks "not on-site" special program, reported a number of car prices black technology, including Lexus "spider silk" seat, Infiniti variable compression engine, to study the small partners Click the link at the bottom of the article.So today Xiaobian to introduce from Audi's "black technology", equipped with three turbocharger 4.0TDI diesel engine, was carried in the Audi SQ7.

Audi SQ7

In the increasingly stringent international environmental regulations today, many car companies are in the "frenzied" R & D 1.2T or even 1.0T engine, Audi the opposite of the "black technology" What is the mystery of it?

Audi 4.0TDI diesel engine

First look at the overall parameters, this engine, maximum power 435 horsepower, peak torque 900 Nm.


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