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Recently, Xiao Bian learned that 2016 Land Rover found God line 2.0 engine with a turbocharger maximum horsepower to 241P, 9-speed automated manual gearbox, speed equivalent to 100 km only 8.2 seconds, the current line of God found that fuel consumption 8.5L so SUV car fuel-efficient than a car, ground clearance 212MM, length 4599MM, paragraph 1894MM, high 1724MM, wheelbase 2741MM, mailbox capacity 70L, tire size 235 / 55R18, this car configuration: electric trunk, Leather steering wheel, leather seats, cruise control, daytime running lights, automatic headlights, headlamps cleaning equipment, interior atmosphere lights, rearview mirror automatic anti-glare, rearview mirror electric folding sensor wipers, 18201092789 18211107169 White Manager Land Rover found God line quote table in detail: the wind, multi-function steering wheel, a key to start, 11 British treasure speakers, electric adjustable front seats, 24 hours for your service phone;

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Found that

God line S 36.8 million 35 thousand 33.3 million are cars

God found SE 40.8 million 50 thousand 35.8 million are cars

God found HSE 468 thousand 75 thousand 39 thousand 39 thousand cars

Found God line LUXURY 51.8 million 11.3 million 40.5 million is the car

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