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1, turbocharger common faults

 1.1 supercharger poor performance mainly in the power down, black smoke, air compressor oil economy is poor.

1.2 supercharger one or both ends of the oil leakage This is a relatively common fault, but also affect the life of the main reasons supercharger. 1.3 supercharger life is too different from the ideal value put on a supercharger, and soon there is damage to the floating bearing, oil leakage at both ends, power down and other failures.

2, the cause of the malfunction 2.1 poor pressurization

 (1) the air filter is too dirty, can not provide high-density air to the clean air.

(2) impeller damage, causing insufficient air intake.

(3) too much dust into the air, impeller and supercharger shell joints with sludge, affecting the supercharger impeller speed, resulting in insufficient air intake.

 2.2 supercharger one or both ends of the oil leakage turbocharger speed is high, the lubrication of the floating bearing lubricants from the oil pan lubrication. The normal pressure into the bearing clearance of the air compressor oil through the bearing face, the air compressor oil pressure becomes zero, relying on its own gravity back to the oil pan, will not flow from both ends of the supercharger. And in normal operation, the supercharger between the two impellers have a certain pressure, air compressor oil is not from the low pressure bearing area to the two ends of the high pressure area Moreover, the two impellers and floating bearings between the seal ring, The general situation does not occur oil spills. However, under the following circumstances there may be air compressor oil leakage from both ends of the supercharger: (1) floating bearing wear. Long-term does not change air compressor oil or air filter failure caused too much dust into the turbocharger, serious wear and tear floating bearings, resulting in bearing clearance is too large, oil film instability in the turbocharger high speed, soon Turbocharger imbalance, causing the shaft shaft vibration increased, destroyed the seal at both ends, resulting in oil leakage.

(2) The air filter is dirty or clogged. When the air filter due to excessive dust or other causes of poor air supply, it will cause the compressor intake air pressure is too high, so that the compressor side of the internal pressure is higher than the external pressure, air compressor oil under the action of the pressure difference from Intake one end of the outflow.

 (3) back to the poor oil. When the air compressor oil from the turbocharger float bearing outflow, relying on its own gravity back to the oil pan. When the return line deformation or blockage, or when the crankcase due to excessive exhaust gas pressure caused by the return pipe, the oil from the floating bearing air compressor oil will not flow back to the oil pan, and along the rotor Axial outflow at both ends of the seal ring, resulting in oil spills.

(4) air compressor idle for a long time will cause the supercharger oil leakage. When the air compressor idle time for a long time, will be in turbocharger turbocharger and impeller behind the negative pressure, resulting from the floating bearing air compressor oil out of the pressure difference in the outward leakage.



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