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First, the natural drop too much load with the same pressure drop too much do not understand the conditioning is easy to old.

 The biggest wear of the turbocharger is the bearing necrosis.

High temperature and high pressure things are prone to change.

Turbo up to 100,000 per minute or more general working conditions are red.

Second, maintenance is not timely or not concerned about the turbine turbine machine as much as possible to choose synthetic oil or synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil in high temperature and high pressure conditions can maintain lubrication and stability of the bearing is not easy to necrosis.

This is why the maintenance of the machine with the T reason is that at least you are using synthetic oil or synthetic oil.

Three 0 long hours or summer driving high temperature and pressure conditions should not suddenly turn off the high speed down a little slow after a ten seconds or so flame out.


 turbocharger life

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