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When the purchase of turbocharged or naturally aspirated, has always been a difficult choice, of course, everything must look at both sides, the focus of talk about turbine power to see if you need it!Looking at the entire car market, turbocharged more and more become a trend, as if the car with a "T", will be forced to become higher, let us talk about the pros and cons of turbocharged engine and conservation.The reason for choosing a turbocharged engineI believe that most people choose the most direct reason for turbocharging is the driving force. This small displacement, high power advantage is naturally breathing can not be compared.
The Turbocharger Actuator is an air compressor that increases the intake air of the engine by compressing air. In the same displacement under the premise of the turbocharged engine than the naturally aspirated engine nearly 40% higher power.In daily use, when the turbine is involved in the direct transmission to the vehicle is faster acceleration, that is, we said the push back to the day, which brings more fun driving experience. However, the so-called everything is not perfect, there must be a good side of the negative side.

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