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As one of the most popular retro models, Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ transplant engine cases abound, from the transplant day machine RB26DETT, 2GR, 2JZ-GTE, VR38DETT, to the US Department of muscle car LS series engine, and then to Ferrari's F136 V8 engine, there are corresponding conversion works.
Compared to the relatively easy Japanese, the US Department of high-performance engine, put in the Italian production of the engine in Italy, to shake more, this transplanted Ferrari F136 V8 engine 86, known as the "GT4586", in the last year can be described Very hot.
Although less than V8 to two tanks, but inline six cylinders 2JZ-GTE engine, the conversion potential is very great. From the Middle East K. K Performance modified plant, will be 2JZ engine transplanted to this "Spiderman" 86 body, the tank after a variety of enhanced, then add three huge Turbocharger! Although there have been turbo blessing, but the tuning is still relatively conservative, in the low-pressure state, this 86 maximum horsepower of 800 horses.

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