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Cold start to slow, hot cars have to idle for a while and then turn off the cold start in the early start, the oil temperature is usually relatively low, but also more viscous, poor lubrication, and wait until the temperature to the normal working temperature There is a process and time, if in this few minutes you force the turbine to work in full load, then it will increase the turbine wear and shorten the life of the turbine. The correct use of the method is; the first few minutes of driving should be slow to run a few minutes, and other oil into the best condition, and then step on the throttle to the engine high speed operation, especially in the north of the winter, cold start must pay attention Let the car hot again, it is comfortable and comfortable. And parking, because the temperature of the turbine is very high, so after the first time you parked the first time idle idle car, then the engine oil and cooling system are also working, which can let the temperature of the turbine a little bit It is important to note that the turbine will continue to operate due to inertia after the car is removed, and still need oil lubrication, and if you suddenly turn off the engine, then the entire engine system is no longer working, the Super Turbocharger  cooling system and Lubricating oil supply will come to an end, can only rely on natural cooling, and this will lead to a sharp drop in turbine life. In addition, there is a new turbocharged engine has been through the additional cooling system pump control valve to solve the problem of cooling after the cooling of the turbine, but need to pay attention to is that when you turn off the engine after the oil system is still ineffective, turbine lubrication The effect is reduced, so we recommend the use of turbine engine models can be the first place to idle for a while and then off the car.


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