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As an important supplier of turbocharger systems, Booshiwheel  introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show, this show about 50 new models of the use of Booshiwheel developed turbocharger, the market is currently fast increase. According to Booshiwheel estimates, by 2019, the Chinese market demand for turbochargers will reach 13 million units.


Booshiwheel's turbocharger is powered by a variety of gasoline-powered and diesel-powered models ranging from compact sedans to SUVs, including Chery's two compact models, the Tiggo 5 and the Erezel 7, the Dongfeng Peugeot 408, the Peugeot 308S, As well as several new SUV, such as Brilliance China V3, JAC Refine S5 and SAIC launched the new Grand Ruiteng and other models. Honeywell explained that the company in the country and more and more joint venture brands and independent brands, the brand's turbocharger allows a smaller displacement of the engine to achieve a larger displacement of the natural aspiration Gas engine can achieve the power output, compared to the larger displacement naturally aspirated engine, the fuel economy can be increased by 20% to 40%. By reducing fuel consumption, small-displacement turbocharged engines can reduce emissions of harmful gases, while improving power and acceleration performance.


The face of the Chinese market for the turbocharger's growing demand, Booshiwheel will increase the importance of the Chinese market and related technical training. Booshiwheel's President and Chief Executive Officer, HannStar, said that Booshiwheel Turbocharging Technology Institute will be opened in May this year to provide training for engineers and designers in the automotive industry, including commercial vehicles, light commercial Vehicles and passenger cars.

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