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It is said that turbocharging is from the aircraft engine technology, mainly to improve the engine in the high speed of the dynamic performance, why the current turbocharged engine are more than 1500 turn will be able to fully pressurize it?A: The first turbocharged really used in the aircraft engine, used to significantly improve the engine power, the early car booster engine is also more emphasis on high-speed power to enhance the turbocharger diameter is relatively large, the engine at 3000 rpm or more There will be a strong power growth. However, with the fuel economy considerations and engine intake and exhaust system improvements, turbocharger in the car engine has been many improvements, we now generally use small diameter, small inertia of the turbine, so that the turbine rotor in the Low speed to have the ability to supercharger, the engine is shown in the low speed of the torque greatly improved, but the high speed of the power change is not too large, this change is caused by technological progress on the one hand, another turbocharger from The aircraft's high speed gradually to the car engine commonly used in the low speed to adapt to the process.


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