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  • CK41 1J700-17010 turbo for  Kubota with V2003-T Engine

CK41 1J700-17010 turbo for Kubota with V2003-T Engine

Product description:

Turbo Model : CK41

Part Number : VB410140

Brand Name : Booshiwheel

OE number : 1J700-17010, 1J70017010

Manufacturer Part Number : VA410140

Applications : 1J700-17011 Turbocharger 1J700-17010 1J700-17012 turbo for Kubota Industrial Engine Bobcat Tractor Various with V2003-T Engine

CK41 1J700-17010 turbo for  Kubota with V2003-T Engine 



Product Description


Part Number VB410140
Previous Version VA410140, VC410140, VD410140, VE410140, VF410140, VG410140
V-SPEC CK41, CK41 1103
OE Number 1J700-17010, 1J70017010, 1J700 17010, 1J700-17011, 1J70017011, 1J700 17011, 1J700-17012, 1J70017012, 1J700 17012, F31CAD-S0140G, F31CAD-S01406, F31CAD-50140G, F31CAD-501406, F31CAD-S0140GN, F31CAD-S01406N, F31CAD-50140GN, F31CAD-501406N
Description Tractor, Excavator Kubota Diesel, Industrial Engine, Construction
Manufacturer Part Number VD410096
Turbo Model RHF3, RHF3 07 156H
Engine V2003-T
Displacement 1.9L, 1999 ccm
Model 236B, 242D, 246D, 262D
Fuel Diesel
KW 42/57 HP
Repair Kit $98.90 NEW IN STOCK
Replaced By 1J700-17012



Kubota Industrial Engine, Bobcat Tractor, Various with V2003-T Engine

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