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Cold starting turbocharged diesel engine,What should we pay attention?

As the density of air into the cylinder increases, can fully burn more fuel, thus greatly increasing the power of the engine, reducing fuel consumption. Because the system is to use the engine emissions drive turbine turbocharger, so often in high speed, working under high temperature, turbine end temperature is above 600 degrees, superchargers also per minute to 80000 -10 000 rpm speed of high-speed rotation. So in order to ensure the normal work of the supercharger, it is necessary to correctly use and maintenance of turbocharger.In the use of the process should pay attention to much matters.Now,let me tell you:when you need to cold starting turbocharged diesel engine,what should you pay attention?

Automobile engine cold start, not rush to refuel, should first idling for three to five minutes, this is to make the oil temperature, flow performance is improved, so that the turbocharger bearing lubricated sufficiently, this is particularly important in the winter. Otherwise it is easy to make the supercharger rotor shaft, bearing, seal ring and other parts of early wear due to lack of the oil end.

For the parking time is longer (more than one week) of the vehicle, the engine before restarting, must first be lubrication of turbocharger. Method is to loosen the turbocharger inlet pipe joint, to the oil inlet into the clean and the oil pan with the grade of oil. In addition, the replacement of lubricants, cleaning or replacement of oil filter, should according to the above method to the turbocharger lubricating oil, and then start the vehicle.

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